The dentition of zombies – Fiction by John Steelwood

This is an excerpt from my novel about zombies, it is being translated.

This document is an excerpt from a memory of Professor Romero, it was written in 2015, 30 years before the invasion of undead that currently extends to the earth’s surface. The professor said at the time he met real zombies in a remote area of ​​the island of Java. This data was never validated by the authorities, and today, with the contagion spreads, the man is entitled to know the work of Professor Romero.

Beginning of an extract of the document

But before discussing the comparative anatomy of zombies, I wanted to talk about their teeth. To understand the dangerousness of the jaws of the undead, I will remind you two data on the human dentition (1). The two important points to know are: the man has 32 ​​teeth and the pressure capacity of the jaw is 58 kg per cm ².

Here only the second data is truly important. This standard, expressed most often in PSI (pounds per square inch) is when it concerns the undead, completely outdated. For comparison, the pressure exerted by the jaws of zombies exceeds 150 kg per square inch, a pressure identical to that of the wolf. Note that a human bone subjected to this force, systematically breaks down. Hence the importance to take all precautions when approaching an undead, I will return to this in / …

In addition, the zombies don’t act with premeditation, when they bite, they become like those green lizards that are found in the walls of loose stones: They do not release their prey without snatching a piece of flesh. I saw several of them to break teeth by biting their prey, which causes a change in the way their teeth are, making their incisors and premolars more slender, therefore more dangerous. / …

… / Let’s talk about the color of the enamel. Mostly, teeth zombies are colored yellow, sometimes black, I was able to isolate the organism causing this coloration by practicing repeatedly surgical extractions on zombies in perfect condition. You should know that during aging, the enamel is colored naturally and becomes permeable (2). Primarily responsible for this change are exogenous type (tobacco, food, poor hygiene and tetracycline (3) ), but in the case of undead, the responsible thing is kind of endogenous, that is to say that it’s derived from the body.

To perform all necessary measures, I was helped by Tiumbo (4). I met him during my trip to the Island of Java (5). During the past three years on this island, I was able, during these operations, to  collect all the necessary information, including this sample of aqueous liquid, which is brown and seems to be responsible for this transformation. I found that this fluid penetrated through the pulp inside the tooth, first through the cementum and dentin before reaching the enamel / …

… / To guard against bites, man must provide for various countermeasures to protect its members, as well as parts of his body like the neck and shoulders. The man who suffers an attack of undead still tends to protect his face, lifting his forearm. This is a mistake, for in doing so, the zombie has plenty of time to sink his teeth into his flesh and contaminate him through his teeth, which, I repeat, are permeable and let this brownish liquid soak through… /

(1) Translator’s note: Professor Romero intends speaking about viable humans, in perfect health.

(2) Rating of Professor Romero: In the case of the undead who are our focus, I noticed that the aging of the dentition is accelerating after stopping the sympathetic system. The first signs usually appear within one hour after the death.

(3) NDT: Tetracycline is an antibiotic used since decades for the treatment of respiratory infections. This is a powerful yellow dye that attaches to the bone and teeth formation, that’s why there are the cons-indications in children and pregnant women.

(4) Translator’s note: For the scientific community, Tiumbo is nothing more than a wild man. Professor Romero has been criticized by his peers about all his work on the zombies, probably because the professor wanted to co-sign the whole study with the medicine man. All articles were published in the journal Nature.

(5) NDT: Professor Romero has forsaken Haitian’s beliefs and  voodoo rituals to go to the Island of Java in Indonesia. According to a confidential source, it remains in a remote area of this country an ethnic group practicing the ritual of passage. This secret ritual is reserved for chefs wishing to reach the kekal Mimpi ( the dream Eternal ).

Author : John Steelwood

Translator : Gaëlle Dupille

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